We currently operate two squads, Junior and Senior. Training times differ for the squads, full details can be found here.

Many of our members have progressed from swimming lessons provided by Henley Stingrays, details of which can be obtained by emailing Veronica Gallagher. Some of our Senior Squad swimmers have been under Miles and Veronica’s tutelage since they were 4 years old!

The normal route into Henley Swimming Club is via the Junior Squad, although a swimmer’s ability is judged on a case-by-case basis. We often receive enquiries from older swimmers who no longer wish to commit to the intensive training offered by larger local clubs, and these swimmers invariably join our Senior Squad.

Moving from the Junior to the Senior Squad is at the sole discretion of the coaches.

Introductory training sessions are available and free of charge. This allows the swimmer to be assessed by our coaches and provides an opportunity for the swimmer to see what a normal training session entails.

In both squads our swimmers have a range of abilities and requirements. We endeavour to make everyone welcome and to strike a balance between enjoying the session and working very hard!

We often operate a waiting list when our squads are at full capacity, please contact us for more details.