Poolside rules

  • ‘One warning and out’ rule for swimmers who are disruptive within sessions. This includes repeatedly stopping and/or impeding other swimmers; excessive stops for goggles during a set; and breaking code of conduct.
  • This rule is not used in the case of dangerous behaviour, where the swimmer will be excluded from the session immediately. 
  • No talking when the coach/instructor is relaying instructions. 
  • Notify the coach if you would like to use the toilet. There will be no going to the toilet until at least half an hour into the session, swimmers should go before the session starts. 
  • Goggles should be correctly adjusted before the session. Swimmers should have a spare pair of goggles. Goggles can break during training and having a spare pair of correctly adjusted goggles can make training less stressful should they break/come loose. 
  • Reasonable allowance will be made for adjusting new goggles during a training, however, repeated stopping during a training set to adjust existing goggles will result in the swimmer being asked to leave the pool (this is disruptive and there is enough time for goggle adjustment between sets/sessions). 
  • Water is to be filled up and not refilled until a set is finished.
  • Swimmers will not stop for a drink during a training set (this causes disruption and loss of training time), any drinks must be taken during the gaps between training sets. 
  • Swimmers who are late for 3 consecutive training sessions without good reason, or giving the coach prior knowledge, may be disciplined.